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Christmas Magic

By Maria I love this time of year. I love the snow and the lights and the festivities. I love making cookies and candy and our special family traditions we have for the holidays. I love giving gifts and finding something perfect for the people in my life. This time … Continue reading

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The State of Intactivism

I write this post with a heavy heart. I imagine it will further isolate me among those hellbent on vindicating their rage, and silencing anyone who advocates rational activism. I have had many conversations with those I respect, with deep pain over the current hijacking of intactivism that’s happening. The … Continue reading

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Chris Brown and Implied Male Consent

Akiba Solomon on Colorlines said it perfectly, This is how rape culture does its work—insidiously—until no one, no matter how hard they try, is safe.  Chris Brown revealed in the Guardian that he “lost his virginity” to an older adolescent girl at 8 years old. Brown attributes this experience as prepping … Continue reading

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Valuing Mothers & Gender Equity

Parenting and Reproductive Justice are shrouded in classism. There are correlations between poverty and a myriad of negative outcomes in physical, mental, and emotional health and development. In my experience, I’ve witnessed what would be the conservative and Libertarian argument around poor people having children. And it always astonishes me. … Continue reading

Treating Rage

I’ve written before that survivors of male circumcision are real victims of genital mutilation. I’ve written that putting caveats on who gets to identify as a victim of sexual assault is not helpful, and we don’t get to police how victims identify or cope. I’ve written that we have some … Continue reading

The future is my comfort

I have been an intactivist for a few years now, and I’ve written several posts about what I consider to be the most effective intactivism. From my personal experience, gentle, compassionate, gracious education is the best way to educate and tackle cultural conditioning. And I wish I knew the magical … Continue reading

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